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Sessions and Fees


Full day session


Includes breakfast, snacks, lunch, light tea and sundries




School Day Session 


Includes breakfast, snacks, lunch and sundries


 'Little Tums' provides our hot lunches. Please find their menu below:

 Little Tums


Terms and Conditions

- Fees include breakfast, mid session snacks, milk, wipes, creams, nappies, sun cream, hot lunches, tea and ratios for local trips and visits.

- Places are all year round (51 weeks per year. Closed for a break during Christmas for which no fees are charged) 

- Bank Holiday charges still apply (except during the Christmas break)

- Fees are due for all other absences 

- 7% discount or a full time space (5 full days per week)

-10% discount for parents that have two or more children attending the setting at the same time

- All sessions are subject to availability

-Funded only spaces are subject to availability  

-Little Forest accepts children eligible for funding, subject to availability 

- Any non standard sessions will be charged at an individual rate 

- Little Forest reserves the right to increase fees with two months' notice given

-We accept all funding. Please contact us to discuss further.


Please find further information regarding our funding system here 

Useful Links: 

Tax-Free Childcare - GOV.UK (

Childcare Choices

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