Our main room is filled with exciting and stimulating resources. The story corner will be a special space where children can listen to stories and explore our story stacks and props, to help the story telling come alive.

The role play area is where children can use their imagination and play alongside each other, dressing up, role playing and using first hand experiences during their play.

The maths area is where children can familiarise themselves with numbers and shapes, they can access resources that help them learn about size, volume, colours, sorting and matching. This all links in to their mathematical development and staff role model this language throughout the whole environment.

This room will also be where the children will eat meals. Lunch and snack times are a valuable part of the day, where children can communicate and listen to others, sharing experiences and ideas. We encourage independence and self-confidence, with the children taking on roles of lunch time helpers, helping to prepare the table and cutlery, ready for our delicious meals.


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